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A Geodesignhub plugin to compute discounted cash flow analysis on a design.

Discounted Cash Flow Analysis on a Design

This plugin downloads a design using the Geodesignhub API, computes its area and construction costs and provides a Discounted Cash Flow analysis to calculate Net Present Value of this design. The core idea of this plugin is to generate the data and then download as a CSV and use in Excel or other programs to do more advanced analysis.

Spatial Analysis Library

In additon to computing the basic financial analysis (Discounted Cash Flow), a spatial anlaysis library is included in this plugin. The library analyzes the location of the diagram and then generates a grid. Once the grid is generated, it allocates the costs and income over that grid. This is useful to visualize how money flows in the design over time and space.

Adding the plugin

The plugin can be added to your project using the Administration panel.


You can adjust the WACC to different settings for a new NPV and cash flow analysis. Generally a value between 5-15 is recommended. Consult a professional to estimate the range.


Once the WACC and the NPV has been calculated, maps are generated that show how the investemnts are distributed in the study area. The Spatial Analysis library distributes the investments over a grid.

Set WACC and Compute

In addition to showing the total investment, you can choose to see yearly investments and use the slider to see how over the years, your investment will be distributed.

alt text

While the defualt is to show the Cash flow analysis for every system, you can choose to see just specific systems e.g. Transport and Housing and so on.

alt text

You can select the “Raw” numbers to get the actual number instead of abbreviated on and then directly use it in Excel. Changing the Raw / Pretty Print button will update the tables and the values.

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