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A repository to build evaluation maps using CORINE data

Geodesignhub CORINE Evaluation Maps Builder

This program uses CORINE landcover data from Copernicus portal to develop Evaluation maps for Geodesignhub. It uses simple rules to parse the existing data and build evaluation maps that can be used directly on Geodesignhub. CORINE data is available only for Europe so this tool can be used to make evaluation maps only for Europe.

Making evaluation maps is the most time consuming part of a Geodesign study, using this script it can be automated. The following evaluation maps are generated:

Find out more about evaluation maps at the Making Evaluations Maps in our community page.

At the moment, this is best suited for generating evaluations at local area level and for studies for where the study area is neighbourhoods, few streets etc. For larger areas this type of Evaluation map creation is not recommended.

If you are new to Geodesignhub, please see our course at


Use the requirements.txt file to install libraries that are required for the program

pip install requirements.txt

3-Step process

1. Download raw data

  1. Go to Copernicus portal to order and download the CORINE vector data and clip it to your area of interest.
  2. Save the clipped layer as a GeoPackage and put it in the working folder in the directory, create one if you dont have it.

2. Update

  1. Update the config file to point to the AOI file and the CORINE file using the correct filename.

3. Upload Evaluations

  1. Run the script and check the output folder for the Evaluation GeoJSON that can be uploaded to Geodesignhub