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A 3D viewer for designs on Geodesignhub, using OSM Buildings

Geodesignhub 3DViewer

A fully integrated 3D viewer for ideas negotiated on Geodesignhub. This 1-click plugin helps you visualize the outcomes of negotiations and focuses on buildings / urban form.


See the standard view for a design here, with buildings, policies and roads and the ability to turn on / off individual themes.

alt text

Click on a building to set it’s height, if you set the height in Geodesignhub , it but here you can change the height for any scenarios / changes you

alt text

Once set the new building can be seen taller to the number of floors set eariler.

alt text

Shadows based on date / time of the year can also be set.

alt text

Adding the plugin

The plugin can be added to a project through the project administration panels.